Client Success Story

Redaction Review for a Civil Litigation Firm


Client Success Story

A Triumph in PII Protection Regime!

Learn how a Civil Litigation law firm secured thousands of pages of PII with our Redaction Services.


A Civil/Commercial Litigation Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA


Examine an extensive collection of PDF files featuring names, initials, and private information of individuals participating in a class action lawsuit. Implement redaction procedures to prepare the documents for discovery in a California court.

Data Volume

The firm struggled in managing a large volume of PDF files, posing a challenge, requiring efficient organization and systematic examination.

Privacy Compliance

The firm found it difficult to ensure meticulous redaction of private information demands meticulous attention to detail to adhere to privacy regulations and court requirements.

Timely Execution

It was impossible for the firm with their then staff to achieve a swift completion, especially in preparation for discovery to meet court deadlines while maintaining accuracy in redaction processes.

Solution Remedy Answer

Advanced Document Management

The LCP Solution

Legal Consulting Pro efficiently organized and navigated large volumes of PDFs, OCRed them and streamlined the review process by automating the redaction process through AI.

Precision Redaction Tools

The LCP Solution

LCP utilized cutting-edge redaction technology to ensure thorough and accurate removal of sensitive information such as names, initials, signature and any other sensitive data, complying with privacy regulations.

Expert Project Management

The LCP Solution

The firm benefitted from our experienced project managers who oversaw the timely execution of redaction tasks, ensuring compliance with court deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and quality.


Benefit 1


LCP’s solutions optimized document management, resulting in significant cost savings by efficiently handling the organization, redaction and review of the caseload.


Benefit 2


Precise redaction ensured meticulous adherence to privacy regulations, mitigating the risk of inadvertently disclosing sensitive information during the class action lawsuit.


Benefit 3


LCP facilitated the law firm in meeting the court deadlines consistently, enhancing their reputation for reliability and professionalism in the legal landscape.

Empowering Legal Processes with Legal Consulting Pro

Client Testimony on Streamlined Processes, Cost-Efficiency, and Precision in Redaction Review.

Legal Consulting Pro has been an invaluable partner for our firm. Their redaction services exceeded our expectations, providing an unparalleled combination of precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The meticulous handling of sensitive information in in more than 40k pages and documents showcased their commitment to compliance. The seamless project management ensured timely deliveries, contributing significantly to our firm's reputation for reliability. We wholeheartedly recommend Legal Consulting Pro for any law firm seeking top-tier redaction services, and we look forward to continuing our successful collaboration.

BZ Partner, A Civil/Commercial Law Firm, Los Angeles, CA

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