Client Success Story

Medical Chronologies for a Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm


Client Success Story

From Uncertainty to Clarity!

Learn how a law firm optimized its discovery process with our Medical Chronology Services.


A Mid-Sized Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm in Los Angeles, CA.


Summarize and organize an extensive volume of medical records from numerous injured workers, presenting the information in a chronological format for submission to the Court-appointed Qualified Medical Examiners.

Data Volume

The client was handling a large volume of medical records which became challenging due to staff shortages, ultimately lacking efficient organization and summarization processes.

Expert Interpretation

The client often failed to ensure accurate interpretation of complex medical data, which was crucial to meeting legal standards and providing comprehensive summaries.

Timely Completion

The client often failed or barely met court/QME deadlines for summarizing and arranging records as they lacked the expertise and staff to maintain a streamlined workflow and timely presentation of information.

Solution Remedy Answer

Comprehensive Summarization

The LCP Solution

We employed a meticulous summarization process, condensing extensive medical records into concise, chronological summaries with production-ready data in word and excel files for ease in searching and finding.

Expert Medical Interpretation (No Extra Cost)

The LCP Solution

Our team ensured accurate interpretation of complex medical/clinical data, providing thorough analysis and understanding crucial for legal proceedings, all included within our service without additional charges.

Streamlined Workflow

The LCP Solution

To meet tight court deadlines, we implement a highly efficient cloud-based workflow, ensuring timely organization and presentation of summarized medical records for Court-appointed Qualified Medical Examiners.


Benefit 1


Our streamlined workflow accelerated the summarization process, allowing the law firm to meet court deadlines promptly while focusing on other key aspects of discovery.


Benefit 2


Our expert medical interpretation ensured a nuanced understanding of complex records, reducing the risk of errors and providing a comprehensive overview for legal teams.


Benefit 3


The inclusion of expert medical interpretation at no extra cost represented a cost-effective solution for the law firm, maximizing value without compromising on the quality of the summarized medical records.

Empowering Legal Processes with Legal Consulting Pro

Innovative Solutions for Efficient and Accurate Medical Record Summarization – A Client’s Perspective

Legal Consulting Pro has been an invaluable partner in streamlining our workers' compensation defense cases. Their medical chronology services have not only saved us time but have significantly enhanced the precision of our case preparations. The expert medical interpretation, cloud-based delivery, use of AI in template harmonization and delivery in multiple file formats are a game-changer. Their commitment to efficiency and accuracy has allowed our firm to meet tight deadlines seamlessly. Thanks to LCP, we now navigate complex medical records with ease, presenting a compelling case for our clients. Truly a reliable ally for our firm.

DC Managing Partner, A Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm in Los Angeles, CA

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