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Sometimes contract management services software fails to comprehend the digital documents. One might wonder why. This is not some glitch in the software that will be taken care of. The sole reason behind this issue is that the computer does not understand any other language except for the digital language.

Thankfully, the tech heroes have figured out a solution for this problem as well. Just like a human brain is able to process anything they read like newspapers, blogs, books, etc., with this in mind, technological development has brought optical character recognition (OCR) that enables computers to understand whatever it reads, whether or not it is in digital language.

what is OCR?

What is Optical character recognition (OCR) is pretty easy to understand. All contract management services are a total waste if OCR is not integrated with the CLM procedure. Optical character recognition plays a very vital role in contract management services and digital contracting, moreover, it saves all efforts from turning futile.

OCR is that innovation of technology that enables the computer to read texts that it otherwise cannot understand, i.e. just like a human brain does. The only language the computer understands is the digital language. When a document is created or scanned, the language embodied in that document is not computer-friendly. Without OCR, all the texts seem as meaningful as a science book to an infant. This means the computer fails to recognize the characters like letters and numbers and with this goes the ability to provide the best contract management services.

OCR is a technological feature that pulls out the data from scanned or printed text and converts it into a machine-readable format. OCR seeks the purpose of enabling machinery to read and understand text in a similar way that a human mind does. Therefore, it converts all types, of scanned or, printed text into something that a computer can read, understand, and interact with.

how does OCR work?

Optical character recognition is indeed a terrific invention of technology as it is more than just text recognition, it also identifies inconsistencies like changes in font and style. Think of OCR as a computer’s teacher which aids the machine in identifying the meaning of specific text, shapes, or numbers.

A good OCR is better equipped to optimize the computer to recognize the patterns along with the inconsistencies. When OCR was first introduced, it failed to determine the change in font style and size. However, with the constant up-gradation of technology, optical character recognition is upgraded to recognize these inconsistencies as well.

As you run an OCR-embodied CLM on your contracts, it detects every single character and enables the machine’s ability to understand it.

OCR and contract management

The reason why technology is so important is that it aims to achieve efficiency and effectiveness and to help in operations. This is what OCR does to the contract management services.

Just like any other document, contract files are also not readable on computers. The software used for contract management services, i.e. CLM software cannot perceive the massive amount of contracts that a business has without OCR. The combination of OCR and CLM software simply enables the system to read and analyze loads of contracts like a human mind but much faster. OCR uses its advanced techniques to convert a contract file and make it machine-readable even with complex structures and images. Moreover, since OCR scans each and every character, it keeps the records and makes it much easier to search for whatever is needed and whenever needed in just a matter of a few seconds.

Think of providing contract management services without OCR. It will be like trying to dig a hole with a spoon. This means it can happen, but it is just very difficult and takes too much time, which perhaps no one in the law sector has.

Benefits of OCR contract management

Apart from resolving tons of issues arising due to not using OCR in contract management services, optical character recognition provides a much wider range of benefits. From helping a machine understand anything it reads to keeping track of all the contracts and related documents. A technology innovation like OCR is like the light bulb in a dark room. The way OCR has changed contract management is commendable. Only by integrating OCR with CLM, one can take advantage of the benefits it provides.


Working without OCR is like trying to type a message on an old mobile phone with a keypad and on the other hand, using OCR for contract management services is like typing a message on a smartphone. The process and the outcome are the same but the time consumed is reduced. OCR eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces human efforts by converting scanned documents into editable formats and continuing to stack them along with other documents.

The whole procedure of contract management services is paced up with OCR. Moreover, OCR scans each and every document thoroughly and it becomes much easier to pinpoint and locate a specific detail when required.

Meticulous Results

When it comes to providing contract management services, the dates and the details are the devil’s. Losing huge amounts just because you missed a small detail or a renewal date can be a setback to all the plans in the future. But how can one keep up if the computers fail to read and understand contracts? Using CLM combined with OCR can be a real lifesaver.

OCR enables the machine to read and understand all the contracts and moreover, it also enables it to keep track of everything it reads and records it in the system. Not only the system is able to detect all characters like letters, numbers, special characters, and even images but it can even detect undetectable texts like different font sizes and styles. Therefore providing a much more accurate result.

Takes The Edge of The Costs

Integrating OCR in CLM can cut costs in various ways. First, no more paying someone to enter data when OCR can simply record even the scanned documents. Second, it saves huge losses that might occur due to inaccuracy or missing renewal dates. And last, saves lots of time, which can be used for increasing effectiveness and making revenue.

Enhanced Customer Service

One thing every business craves is a satisfied customer. Not only because it makes them more money but also because it increases their reputation and brings more and more clients.

Now, imagine dealing with contracts with OCR. The result can be slow and inaccurate, leading to the risk of loss and loss of reputation and clients. OCR enables contract management services to be accurate and to deliver much faster through quick tracking, accessibility, and even faster searching. Automated data entry is like a cherry on top. It makes the whole procedure faster.


Efficiency for a machine and a human is an important path to success. OCR increases efficiency by automation that reduces human effort on manual data entry on one hand and increases the ability for humans to work on engaging these reduced efforts on something much more important. Providing faster and more accurate results adds up to an efficient work process. Moreover, contract management services are enhanced by a happy and satisfied client.

Disaster Recovery

One might not know this, but OCR stores data in a digitalized format on a well-secured server. This server eliminates the risks of data loss or stealing. When data is stored on a secured digital server, it remains safe from any disaster. When an emergency hits and one might suffer from data loss, the information stored on this secure server can be retrieved preventing businesses from foregoing losses and discontinuation.

the bottom line

Integrating OCR in CLM software helps streamline operations. The teams can truly focus on doing what really matters and making good profits. On the other hand, OCR identifies, tracks enters, and records every contract that the business is engaged in. This integration can make the contract management services a lot better.

In the end, what is crucial for any business is that they have a good clientele, a better reputation, and the best turnover. Optical character recognition with contract management software goes together like nachos and salsa.

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