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Legal professionals at in-house firms have seen great changes in the last decade. As regulations change and business challenges arise, general counsels must strive to stay abreast of current and future challenges. Resources are limited, while stakes are high and expectations are high.

Legal Consulting Pro’s Legal Consulting services were developed by an experienced set of experts with a clear vision of making your workflow effective and organized. We at Legal Consulting Pro with our Legal Consulting services offer a variety of models, frameworks, and systems designed to aid in-house lawyers in managing their departments more efficiently and meeting business objectives.

Through this set of tools and services, countless hours of experience in management and consulting are captured. Operating models, technology, outsourcing, and cost management make up the focus of our Legal Consulting services.

Management of Legal Risks and Matters

There is a lack of clarity in identifying and assessing legal risks for many companies. As a result, legal teams may be distracted by extinguishing fires rather than developing risk frameworks and strategies to pre-empt critical legal risks. Legal Consulting Pro works closely with our client’s in-house legal professionals to provide an assessment of the current state of their risk management, a gap analysis, and a roadmap outlining potential technology solutions to help them utilize their current state. By utilizing best practices and industry standards, we help companies manage their legal risks in significant areas like:

  • Disputations/Litigation
  • Changes in legislation
  • Management of contracts
  • Keeping data private

Operating Model for Legal Services

We offer comprehensive legal consulting services to assist organizations undergoing a large-scale, end-to-end legal transformation, or assessing a particular aspect of their legal systems.

Our team can plan and coordinate any size of change depending on the needs of each client, whether the change involves a large, comprehensive transformation or a smaller, targeted change.

Using our solutions, you can:

  • Improve efficiency by implementing new technology and process improvements
  • Reduce bottlenecks and improve service delivery
  • Streamline risk-management protocols
  • Spend less on legal services
  • Ensure that the legal team is capable of focusing on strategic and critical initiatives

Technology in legal practice

Legal consulting services have been transformed by technology. In the digital era, it is possible for teams to provide consistency and transparency across borders, more than ever before, with the help of proven and emerging tools. Additionally, technology can enhance efficiency and reliability, automate routine and repetitive tasks, and help teams focus more on strategic priorities, enabling them to accomplish more with fewer resources.

Getting the right technology will make a huge difference to General Counsels and their teams – tuned to their people and their goals.

We help you match pace with the constantly evolving technology by:

  • Educating you about the options
  • Making you able to choose what is right for them

Developing a legal technology architecture that will deliver business value across the organization

Legal Procedures

Organizations have an opportunity to take advantage of the external and internal factors animating change. Legal Consulting Pro helps clients evaluate their internal processes and, where applicable, revise them. We assist clients in developing systematic, intuitive, and effective processes. Organizations have been particularly interested in refreshing their processes in the following areas in recent years:

  • Management of client contracts
  • Contract management for suppliers
  • Preparing for dawn raids
  • Protocols for compliance
  • Management within corporations
  • Management of litigation

Management of Litigation

With limited resources, general counsel must manage increasing challenges in an ever-changing environment. Through a balance between internal resources and technology, our Legal consulting services helps clients accomplish more with less.

Our sourcing teams have deep experience using alternative service providers, leveraging technology, and working with panels of global and regional firms. Using this insight to help our clients identify an effective and efficient alignment of tasks with resources, Legal Consulting services by us enables businesses to transform their legal capability into a more nimble, more effective team that can focus on strategically important tasks.

Legal Laboratories

In the midst of accelerating economic, technological, and regulatory disruptions, legal leaders have been challenged to see the invisible connections among their departments and make decisions that will have a ripple effect throughout their organizations. Clients receive full potential support from our Legal Consulting teams. By combining behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation, they use tried-and-true principles to remove roadblocks to progress. The types of roadblocks that slow growth, such as groupthink, entropy, change fatigue, and scope creep.

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