Maximizing Efficiency: 8 Essential Legal Consulting Time Management Tools for Success

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 There is a very famous saying that “time is money,” and therefore time lost is money lost. 

Most legal consulting firms bill their customers at an hourly rate. Accurate legal billing not only helps the firms but also creates transparency between law firms and their client. However manual time tracking is a monotonous job leading to the loss of billable hours.

The old-school time-tracking methods have now become unreliable. Fortunately, with the use of the right tools, everything becomes a piece of cake, even tracking legal consulting hours. 

We have probed the best time tracking tools that will not only help in timekeeping but also with case management, client billing, and whatnot. 


Clio is a legitimate solution to all legal management problems. This software provides overwhelming features to make legal consulting easier and more efficient for both the firm and its clients.


  • Track every moment: No matter where one is, with Clio time tracking software they can meet the billable targets without letting minutes slip through the cracks. One can not only record all the work but with accurate time-tracking, they can start and pause the clock whenever needed. 
  • Effortless review and billing: Forgot to turn on the clock and missed billable hours during legal consulting? Clio offers easy addition or subtraction of minutes after the fact, which means more accuracy towards time entries.
  • Transparency of time and cash flow: Clio’s timekeeping software helps categorize time entries and analyze staff’s performance with ease. For improved and limpid invoices, add billable and non-billable entries.

chrometa time tracker

An excellent time-tracking solution for attorneys who hate starting or pausing the stopwatch. Legal consulting itself is a brainy and tiresome task, during setting up a stopwatch can be frustrating, Chrometa is the solution! It automatically allocates time and fills the timesheet directly with each member’s record. 


  • No more setting the clock: With Chrometa’s automated time tracking, no need to start or stop the stopwatch with every session as it automatically fills up the time sheets, and to ensure accuracy data can be reviewed and edited before exporting to Clio.
  • Simple invoicing: This software makes invoicing and billing simple. The data will be sent to Clio after review and all your time entries will be recorded.
  • The perfect example of teamwork: Chrometa allows firm-wide timekeeping. It keeps the record for the whole team and feeds them directly inside the team’s dashboard with just a few clicks.


RescueTime is one of the best-used legal time and billing software. It helps lawyers learn about their time worth and make smart decisions according to legal consulting hours spent.


  • Tracks time automatically through time spent on apps, websites, etc.
  • Aids to focus on meeting targets by blocking distracting websites.
  • Allows employees to log hours that they’ve worked offline.
  • Provides a weekly productivity report with a breakdown of proper activities etc.


Law firms deal with many challenges during their day-to-day working hours. Time tracking is one of them. Other challenges like budget management, staff monitoring, transparent billing, etc. are also an issue. TimeSolv is the answer! 


  • Helps manage the budget 
  • Helps to bill accurately by including several clients in an invoice and then splitting the amount.
  • Helps keep track of documents by creating tags and folders.
  • Tracks time by hours, day, week, and month.

Time Tracker by eBility

The main motive behind time-tracking software was to provide convenience to lawyers. Time Tracker by eBility serves it right! 

A time tracker helps in time management and keeps track of wages, invoices, and efficiency. 


  • Have a free mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Easier to use, especially for smaller firms.
  • Designed with various legal features like aba billing codes.
  • Keeps track of expenses


Apart from time tracking what do freelancer attorneys or smaller law practitioners expect from software? Easy invoicing and task management!

ToDo time tracker to the rescue! It isn’t only a time-tracking tool, but it also helps provide vigorous task management solutions that impact daily productivity.


  • Task management: Streamlines task management by snoozing unimportant tasks and flagging urgent ones.
  • Time tracking: Simple and easy time tracker.
  • Accurate and transparent billing: Helps set up a standard billing rate and customize it according to the clients.

Time Doctor

Every firm needs employee monitoring, be it either small firms or big firms. Time Doctor is a time-tracking software that not only helps in timekeeping but also keeps track of what employees are doing. Along with this, it also helps with other work-related tasks.


  • Manual time tracking: Time Doctor allows attorneys to start or stop the clock according to their requirements, helping them to track their precious billable hours.
  • Automatic time tracking: In addition to manual time tracking, Time Doctor also offers automated time tracking. It starts tracking ties from the very moment the system is turned on and runs without any distraction in the background throughout legal consulting hours.
  • Distractions management: This software works smartly; it assumes the attorneys aren’t working when there are no mouse movements. 
  • Employee monitoring: It reminds users to resume work whenever it doesn’t detect any activity. Moreover, with the use of its tools, employees can create projects and track time for each of them individually.
  • Wage management: It tracks time and according to each employee’s productivity report, it enables processing salaries through time-sheet data.


A time tracking software that assists in tracking time, attendance, and employee remuneration. It uses artificial intelligence to track legal consulting time. 


  • Team time tracking: This time tracking software enables law firms to view time entries based on team members, projects, or clients.
  • Bio-metric recognition: Jibble time tracker works as an attendance supervisor, i.e. It spots retardation and contravention of work hours.
  • Payroll executor: This software helps customize wages according to an attorney’s legal consulting hours exported into the time sheet.

how To make the right choice?

We’ve found the best time trackers to track your precious legal consultation hours without letting even a minute slip through.

But every responsible firm or individual will stop and think about how to find the right tool.

  • Choose a tool that is available on various devices: Even when we don’t have access to our PC, the time tracker should be available on any of our devices.
  • Make security your priority: A time tracker holds important data of the firm’s employees. Choosing software with tight security will help ensure that your data is in safe hands.
  • User-friendly: Time tracker software should allow attorneys to choose between automatic tracking or manual tracking. Moreover, it should also be customization before finalization.

We realize that legal consulting is tiring, and no attorney or legal firm is willing to lose even a minute that is billable. Time tracking is an essential tool for every firm to maintain transparency, employee management, timekeeping, and project management.

An accurate invoice not only avails the business-client relation but also promotes the firm’s goodwill. Though this may seem like a hassle, with the right tools any hurdle can be crossed.

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