A comprehensive record of all documents, correspondence, and information related to a specific legal case.

The body of law created by judicial decisions and precedents.

The process of overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a legal case, from initiation to resolution.

The documented history of the handling and location of ESI from its collection through its use in legal proceedings.

The initial process of gathering information and documents when a new client seeks legal assistance.

The systematic categorization or tagging of documents with metadata to facilitate organization and retrieval during review.

Explanatory notes or feedback added to a document during the redlining process to provide context or reasoning for suggested changes.

The principle of using clear and brief language in legal writing to convey information effectively.

Provisions that address the protection and handling of confidential information within the contract.

A contract that outlines the protection and non-disclosure of confidential information shared between parties.

A situation in which a lawyer's loyalty to one client may be compromised due to obligations to another client or a personal interest.

Something of value exchanged between parties in a contract, a fundamental element in contract formation.

A fee arrangement where the attorney's payment is contingent on winning the case, typically a percentage of the awarded damages.

The process of examining a legal agreement to assess its terms, conditions, and potential legal risks.

The duties and responsibilities that each party must fulfill as specified in the contract.

The individuals or entities entering into a contract, often referred to as the "parties" or "contracting parties."

The other party with whom a contract is formed, sometimes referred to as the "other party" or "party of the second part."

Promises or commitments made within a contract, outlining the obligations of the parties involved.

An individual or entity responsible for the care, custody, and control of electronic documents and information.


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