A question that suggests the desired answer and is generally discouraged during depositions.

A written document submitted to a court that presents the legal arguments and relevant facts in support of a party's position in a case.

The standardized method of referencing legal documents, cases, and statutes.

A precise and detailed description of property in real estate documents, used to avoid ambiguity.

A list of cases pending in a court, often indicating their status and upcoming events.

The process of creating legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and pleadings, to accurately and effectively convey legal terms and obligations.

A document that summarizes research and analysis of a legal issue, often used to provide legal advice or support a legal argument.

Tools like case management software, legal research platforms, and databases that aid in legal research.

The skill of drafting legal documents, such as contracts, briefs, and opinions, in a clear and precise manner.

Complex and technical language commonly found in legal documents, often criticized for being difficult to understand.

Prominent online legal research database used to access legal documents and information.

The process of preserving potentially relevant ESI to prevent its destruction, alteration, or deletion once litigation is anticipated or pending.


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