Software Development Agreements

Contracts outlining the development, delivery, and maintenance of custom software solutions.

Technology Escrow Agreements

Contracts that involve a third-party escrow agent holding and safeguarding the source code, documentation, or critical technology assets of a software

IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Documents specifying the level of service, response times, and support provided by IT service providers.

Data Privacy Agreements

Documents outlining the handling, storage, and protection of sensitive data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Cloud Service Agreements

Contracts governing the use of cloud computing services, including data storage, hosting, and infrastructure.

Outsourcing Agreements

Contracts for outsourcing business functions, such as customer support or IT services, to third-party providers.

Website Development Contracts

Legal arrangements for the design, development, and maintenance of websites and web applications.

Software License Agreements

Contracts specifying the terms and conditions for licensing and using proprietary software.

Technology Transfer Agreements

Legal pacts facilitating the transfer of technology or intellectual property rights between organizations.


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