Loan Agreements

Legal contracts outlining the terms and conditions of loans, including interest rates, repayment schedules, and collateral.

Investment Agreements

Contracts that detail the terms of investments, including equity or debt investments in businesses or projects.

Promissory Notes

Written promises to repay a debt, specifying terms like repayment amount, interest, and due date.

Factoring Agreements

Financial arrangements where receivables are sold at a discount to a third party for immediate cash.

Guarantees and Surety Bonds

Legal assurances of financial responsibility or performance, often required in business transactions.

Debt Settlement Agreements

Contracts for negotiating and settling outstanding debts with creditors, often at reduced amounts.

Derivative Contracts

Agreements related to financial derivatives, such as options or futures, specifying terms and obligations.

Stock Purchase Agreements

Contracts for buying or selling shares or ownership stakes in corporations.

Insurance Contracts

Policies that provide coverage against specific risks or losses, outlining terms, premiums, and coverage details.


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