General Contractor Agreements

Contracts between property owners and general contractors, defining responsibilities and project timelines.

Construction Management Agreements

Agreements appointing construction managers to oversee and coordinate construction projects.

Subcontractor Agreements

Legal documents outlining the terms and conditions for subcontracted construction work within larger projects.

Design-Build Contracts

Legal arrangements that combine design and construction services under a single contract, streamlining project delivery.

Architect Agreements

Contracts for architectural services, detailing design, planning, and project oversight.

Home Improvement Contracts

Contracts for residential renovations and improvements, specifying scope and costs.

Construction Consultant Agreements

Agreements with consultants who provide specialized advice and expertise in construction projects.

Maintenance and Repair Contracts

Legal pacts for ongoing maintenance, repairs, and facility management services.

Property Development Agreements

Contracts for the development and construction of real estate properties, including residential and commercial projects.


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